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The truth will set us free
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The truth will set us free

The Truth will set us free

With all the teaching, and dying of past and present leaders, nothing appears to be working, and the message is not getting through to the thick skulls of our Black race. So now we are going to get down and dirty, and tell it as we have experience and as it is. Our Mission, is to stimulate thought, amongst the sensible black people world wide, those who still have some self respect, pride and Decency. There is a very large segment of the Black population who still have that House Negro mentality. Despite all the negative experiences and hostilities, experienced by them, there is still that wanting and longing to be accepted and liked by Pappa Massa, he will suffer any insults and humiliation like a dog, but when mass calls he is willing to run to his side, longing for that comforting pat on the back. I thought that you had given up on me Massa? but i was wrong, i know better now,You know i love you Massa, you know that i will always love you Massa, ain’t nothing gonna come between us, i just want you to know this. On this face of the coin we have the House negroes, and on the other side we have the ghetto Niggas, the black people who behave in an animalistic manner, What is evident of the now Generation of us Black people, we are lacking, we have lots of attitude, especially women, and very little class. the young men who walk around wearing base ball caps and gold chains with their pants sagging, looking disheveled, Must ask themselves, just what statement are we trying to make, is this what Black culture is all about, if so certainly not mine. What happened to the well groomed, well spoken ambitious black male? Black men are now wearing hair extensions. (the type that you saw in the EBONY magazine) They appear to becoming an extinct species. Hence it is important that decent black people, who want to unite, and rebuild our race, distance themselves from those that persist in dragging us down.

no matter where black people travel there is a default attitude of wanting to ghettoise the vicinity. been loud, abusive, general anti social behaviour, like double parking and having a conversation with their friend, or playing very loud music whether it be in their car or in their home. The take away cafes, shops or what other business we are involved in, most of them they appear to be catering for the dross in the ghetto. Overpriced goods, unkept premises and poor service with a bad service attitude, this sadly seems normal for black businesses.

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