At BBC blog, the time for taking a softly, softly approach is now ended, we will not pull any punches, and will strive to tell it as it really is.  Not everyone will agree and some will be offended,  but the truth,  as the saying goes, will set us free, we will deal with our sorry state and reality IN A STRAIGHT TALKING MANNER, and it is not a good tale tell. We also welcome journalist and amateur blogger from all over the world to join in our crusade to try to make our race a better and more productive people, by providing articles and information for our site. Our style will be informative and serious, but i know that as a race we need a good KICKING UP THE BACKSIDE. And stop blaming everyone else for our lethargy and demise What
After many decades of Independence as a race of more than 20% of the world population, and although most of our lands are resource rich, and blessed with natural resources and favourable climate, the Black race have very little to show for their existence on earth. Our input to global policies and politics that would make a positive difference to the stability of the world are almost non existent, whilst at the same time we are oversubscribed to religious doctrines, and warring with our neighbours, that serves only to retard our progress and hijack the future of millions of our children.


This dire situation that we now find our selves in, did not just happen overnight it has been an ongoing process for decades starting with Slavery, and continuing with the present day mis-ruling elite, who see themselves not as Black people but a privilege third class white person because their plundered wealth affords them the western lifestyle, whether their domicile is in Europe, North America or their Native country. They some what remain estrange from the struggles of the Black race. The Misruling elites have not built institutions or reputable learning centres, where the future generation of Black children can strive to achieve their educational goals, instead the politicians send their sons and daughters to the West/ North America to be educated and indoctrinated, leaving behind an illiterate underclass consisting of the masses whose only access to education is a cow shed masquerading as a school, and teachers with a school boy mentality. This is the pool from which we are to fish the next generation of scientist and skill professionals from. Whilst the ruling class continue to steal, brutalise, intimidate and kill their citizens to instil fear on behalf of their White Slave Masters to which they dutifully serve.


As the twenty first century gets on its way, we have to ask ourselves when and where all this happened; we need to look at today’s Black youth and their parents. In other words “look closer to home “. Black male have an almost genetic coding for their prowess, they think that they are god’s gift to women, and this base trait consumes their every thoughts, hence their prolific fathering of multiple children, quite often with multiple mothers, have lead to generations of delinquent children, with out parental guidance, and hence they lack discipline.( I can hear shouts of “I am a strong independent black woman and needs no man, well this is part of the very problem”) With single parent families, it is very difficult financially for the mother to work and provide for her child alone and very often child support, from the father if he is concerned for his offspring? Is seldom frequent, this sets up a circle that spirals downwards, and the mother for the want of stabilising her family get pregnant by another looser, and the male have no intentions of family unity, hence depression and anger takes over her life, resulting in her hating men, and very often mistreating her children as a way to get back at their sperm donors. These negative experiences impacts on the infants and conditions their mentality. and as they grow and mature they mimic the actions and behaviour of their parents or single mother. You now see Black mothers accompanying their three year old wearing Wigs and weaves, it is now the norm to see teenager Black girls going to school wearing weaves and wigs. The skin lightening cream business is very profitable in Africa and the West Indies. When a child is exposed to these self hating practices by their parents, there is no chance for a better future for the Black Race.The one who tells you that you have foul breath is your friend, and the ones who say, nothing is no friend at all.
There will be lots of truth telling from this site, we will not hide anything in fact all the dirty washing will be done in public, because this has been part of our problem. We made too many excuses for ourselves, blaming Slavery. Yes it had an impact, but what about the new generation of Black youths whose purpose are overindulging in Rap, Sports, Fashion,
Debate has to be had by all who are concerned, we must network with our associates, we have to be our brother’s keeper, when one is cut then the other must bleed, regardless of his or her Religion / Nationality, as long as they are black. We only have ourselves. Trying to assimilate and integrate into a culture that is still very alien and hostile to us will not solve our problem, giving up our rich and diverse culture will not give us membership into their club, instead we will give all in return for nothing. Our genetic make up affords us certain features based on our climate and racial structure, trying to lighten our skin, wear wigs and weaves will not fool anyone that we are not black, instead it makes our women look like powder monkeys and a third rate white wannabe. Think of the impact that such actions can have on a young impressionable minds.
There are some Black people who will have a mental disorder of separating themselves also thinking that no black person will ever be good enough to share their life, and some will continue to behave in a manner devoid of social etiquette, I say to you change, if not we want nothing to do with you and your likes. Our purpose and aims are to try to spread awareness of the Black plight and to arrest the rot that have taken root in our physic before it destroys us as a race, and rebuild with world wide like minded Black people.