Are you an Oreo, Bounty or Coconut

“The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” Steve Biko.
Forgive my frankness but please stay the course to the very end. What I have to say today may change your life, if you let it. Please feel my spirit. I am not making a judgment. I will leave this to you. I am talking to you as much as to myself. Most of us, to some degree, despite being a shade of black or African are unfortunately, to some degree like Oreos, Bounty Chocolate or Coconuts, black on the outside and white on the inside. Yes we may have an original or African name, wear African attire, born in a black country or to black people, and they are indeed very important, but are we part of the problem or part of the solution?
To be part of the solution, our contribution to the solution must be greater than our contribution to the problem. I recall the following quote:

“The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” Ross Perot.

To what degree are we active, making a difference, causing progressive and positive change? To what degree is our contribution for the betterment of our people, family and ourselves? Are we trying to merely recreate what our oppressors have done, possibly serving as a tool and a fool for them given that they have our minds? We are either part of the solution or part of the problem. This article is for you and I to have a very active conversation with our inner selves.
Many people, who support what are known as so-called fundamental Islamic organisations, are supporting organisations that may have been founded and funded by the same oppressor that they claim to be fighting against. They don’t realise that they are functioning as the proverbial coconut. Now please do not misunderstand me, we don’t all have to be radicals to the same degree at the same time, though that would help. In my zealous youth, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a conformist, a house negro, but in my middle age I regarded him to be a revolutionary towards the end of his life. It did not change my view from human rights to civil rights but I respect it to some degree. Just like there are shades of gray, there are shades of us fighting for the betterment of our people, there are shades of us being revolutionaries. Dare I mention, the Israelis or the Ashkenazi Jews, infiltrate and control most organisations of significance and set up others that secure their interests. They have lobbyists, starting on a voluntary basis that shout ‘Anti-Semitism’ and get the ‘sympathy vote’ with us not having an idea that the Semites, by definition, actually hitorically include the Arabs. We may not have the ‘complexion of connection’ but we have to do for self or suffer the consequences. We have to be prepared to have to work twice as hard to have half as much, but knowing that our implementation of compounding will lead to us enjoying much more in terms of self-determination than we are enjoying now.
Now I know I may sound radical to some, like some fundamentalist. However the reality is that there is a war being waged against us from a variety of perspectives but we don’t know that we are in a war where people want us dead. We may just perceive it as a few rogue officers or institutionalised racism and negate that:

we have outlived our welcome, use and their need for us;
they wish to depopulate the Planet Earth;
they wish to have total control and ownership of all of Africa and countries in the Caribbean that we are affiliated; and
they have a fear of white genetic annihilation. (If you are not familiar, please become familiar with the late Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s work, particularly the book, ‘The Isis Papers’ and her videos on YouTube.)

So the powers that be are fighting for their lives, observing the first law of nature, self-preservation, where many of us are trying to assimilate whether on the ‘plantation’ or by way of relationships, not realising that integration is one of the last tricks of the enemy. It is rare seeing a black couple in certain areas with black children. No it is not about complexion alone. Our people are now inordinately involved in what was traditionally deemed to be deviant behavior such as homosexuality, lesbianism, transgender and non-binary thinking and behavior. I say that not to judge their behavior or to support it. Many are largely victims of the same oppressor that wants us dead or non-productive. They are victims of a war that we did not even know was happening. Are you familiar with the work of Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad? Please look at his recent work on YouTube if you are not.
How’s your fighting skills? Your martial arts? To what degree do you grow and cook your own GM free food, having your mouth out of the kitchen of the oppressor or his children? Are you aware and open to the enemy killing us with their vaccinations, foods, chemtrails, HAARP, poisonous water, chemical warfare and so forth? Please research starting with YouTube if you are not familiar with chemtrails and HAARP.
To what degree are you financially free? What portion of your income is saved, invested and recycled amongst your own community and spent to buy assets as opposed to liabilities, to build institutions that are for our development and for the development of our heirs, presumably our children or those that will be of our will? How much land do we have? Whose history are we telling, standing on? How wealthy are you? To what degree do you pool your resources with like-minded brothers and sisters in order to advance ourselves? What do you produce? Do you consume more than what you personally produce? Do you have substantial residential property, farmland and commercial property? How financially literate are you?

“To be poor is a crime.” Freddy McGregor.

Yes that poor represents in terms of wealth, but may be expanded to include spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and mentally to start with at this point before considering our self-esteem and vision. How have you been using your time, your money and other resources? What have you produced from your efforts? Work is scientifically defined as force multiplied by distance. If you push a car with all your force and the car doesn’t move, what work have you done given that anything multiplied by zero is equal to zero?
Are we relying on our enemies, descendents of our historical oppressors to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves? Kanye West was very much in error when he spoke of ‘slavery being a choice’, however collectively as a people we are making it a choice to continue in a state of slavery without undertaking massive effort to free ourselves from the shakles. We are the only ones who strive to assimilate wholesale on all levels and refuse to do for ourselves. We don’t study how the white people do business or the Indian or Chinese for example. In business, a 24 year old Indian that I regularly speak to is highly accomplished academically and in business. He made the choice not to focus on having a good time, enjoying instant gratification. Instead he engages in what Napolean Hill calls ‘Sex Transmutation’ in his great book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Too many of our youth and our youngsters in their twenties are focusing on relationships that do not necessarily have marriage in mind from the outset. They are into having a ‘good time’. The Chinese plan for the next 100 years. They plan for life after their death in order to ensure that generations after them will be well taken care of in fine style, knowing that generations after are to continue the work ethic that they have started and continued. What say you? How long are we planning for?
The first word that Prophet Muhammad heard in relation to the Holy Qur’an was ‘Iqra’ meaning read. The Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad was given a Holy Qur’an in Arabic to read. You may not be affiliated to Christianity but Reverend Martin Luther had a doctorate indicating that he read or he studied. The Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey in ‘Message to the People’ stated that we should read or study for a minimum of four hours a day. Have we been doing so, assuming that some of that represents research time in terms of our mental, physical, spiritual or financial health or our business for example? What did you learn yesterday? What about the day before and the day before that? Do you realise that if you are not progressing then you are regressing given that they world is constanty advancing and changing? To what extent does our oppressor have our minds? Whatever your religion, philosophy or values please use it/them to empower yourself, your family and your people, not enabling the oppressor to get a higher percentage of the minds of your people. We need to set a slave free starting with ourselves.
How are you feeling? How are you? If not very good why isn’t it and what does needs to be done to become very good? Do you eat every day? What do you eat? Is it nutritiously concentrated or a glorified filler without the glory? How many times a day do you eat and at what time? How’s your water consumption and your sleep on a daily basis? What about the level of vitamin D in your system, especially if you live outside Africa or the Caribbean/South America? How’s your health? Your mental health, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health and financial health. Are you fit? If so, presumably you are strong, supple, have good stamina and the right size. Is that the case? How is your level of acid/alkalinity? Do you have a ph of 7.32?
Have you seen a hint that suggests that we are not necessarily as black and conscious as we may have considered ourselves to be? What will your life represent just before you are ready to join the ancestors? What does the dash mean and represent, that one that sandwiches when you were born and when you passed, whenever that shall be? Are you happy with that? Are you happy with your contribution to our people, your family and friends and yourself? If not, what needs to be done in order for you to be satisfied with your contribution to your people, family and yourself?
Man and woman only get what they strive for? What are you actually striving for and how are you going about it? Does it warrant a sense of urgency? Has there been a sense of urgency behind it? Do you have to be the winner living or dead? Are your goals bigger and more important than you and your life or is it all about you?
Do you treat people as you wish to be treated? Do you want for your brother and sister as you want for yourself? Is this practical or theoretical? How do you put this into practice? Do you keep your word? To what degree are you trustworthy? When was the last time that you failed to keep your word to yourself or to others? In what form did that take? How’s your timekeeping in all regards? Does it show that you have a sense of honour, consideration, purpose and that you want for other as you want for yourself?
What was the last book that you read that will help you elevate yourself, your family and your people? What was the last television or You Tube program that you watched with that in mind?
To what degree are you a coconut and how do you feel about it? What are you going to do about it to become an activist? Are you going to have a dark interior and a life of significant contribution, one that will make you and your people proud or are you going to seem to be an Oreo, coconut or Bounty bar?
As you can see there is one person that we could and should firstly point our finger at, ourselves. We can think about our history, the enemy and all of his secret societies and his plans to wipe us from the planet, but are we victims or victors? We have plenty of work to do. We must do for self or suffer the consequences. Let’s each get started both individually and collectively so that our lives and our contribution will represent something more meaningful that we and generations after may be proud of as they stand on our shoulders.

Muhammad K.

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