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Over a period of time, we will list over five hundred ideas.

The idea of having your own business can be a daunting task, but the gap between being an employee and a self employed is razor thick, but millions cannot, or do not want to take that leap off faith. There is always  that old cliché, “ what if I became sick ?”. Ask yourself a question, are you employed by a company, because the boss is a humanitarian individual, or he cares about you and your struggles with life. If you are aware, you will arrive at your own decision, that he does not care a damm about you. If you are on sick leave for over a certain period of time, you are likely to have the riot act read to you, and your position terminated with that company. Therefore your argument about “what if” does not hold water. Rather ask yourself. 

a) Are you tired of the nine-to-five grind

b) Fed up of working for some one else

c) Want to make money without your boss taking all the profits?

Then it is time to start your own Business. You must take this task very seriously, and behold a professional attitude. You should also equip yourself with the necessary skills for your new venture. Customer service, good quality work, affordable prices and reliability, will grow your business successfully.  Do not be put off if there are similar businesses offering similar services in your area of trading, but consider carefully all the necessary parameters.  ( It is very important to seek professional advise of how to set up your business).

Some of these ideas, does not require you to give up your full time employment, but you can test the water before you jump in.  

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