Confession is Good for the Soul

Confession is Good for the Soul

It is said that confession is good for the soul. The Catholics often confess to their priests in a confession box where they cannot see each other. The Muslims have a prayer which states, ‘I have been unjust to myself and I confess all my faults to Thee.’ The Muslims do not confess to a person firstly, but to the Creator. In order to do so one has to confess to oneself. Today is a day of confession to oneself, not necessarily to another person or even an external God, but the God that resides within ourselves. You see we have been greatly unjust to ourselves. We need to confess our sins, faults and ingratitude. Nearly all of us have been unduly self-indulgent, disrespectful and highly wasteful. I know that I may be seen to be judgemental but please excuse me. Instead of me being the judge over you, please take the place that you may have mistakenly have given me. You be the judge.

The Christians say that we are all ‘children of the Most High’. Allah told the Muslims and all that read the Holy Qur’an that He is closer to us than our jugular vein. The Buddhists do not pray externally, they tend to focus from within. Many traditional Africans bear witness to the ancestors, knowing that their essence resides in us. So God resides within us too. Your Bible states that the Lord said, ‘Let us make man in our image and in our likeness’.

 I say that to say, if God is the greatest, and He resides within you and within me. Are you and I great? If so, by what standards do we consider ourselves to be great? If not, why have we not achieved greatness? Imagine if you gift wrapped your best present and gave it to someone you loved. What would you do and how would you feel if that person destroyed it, disrespected it or threw it away? Take a moment to think about it if you are able.

How have you use the gift of time? Has it been in order to achieve greatness, serve others or has it been wasted and frittered away? Our achievements represent the efficiency of our use of time and the number of obstacles that we have successfully overcome in order to attain what we have attained. The successful tend to be the ones who successfully overcome the most obstacles and fail the most times. The unsuccessful fail to learn, apply and overcome the obstacles needed to achieve success. However what’s worse are those who don’t try, those who do not extend themselves, push themselves or start on the never ending journey towards greatness. You and I are alive because we have purpose, but time is running out for us to actually serve our purpose, if we are not already doing so. Yes there may be steps to take that may not seem to be in line with our purpose, but may allow us to attain our purpose or serve the niche that we were placed on Earth to serve. Jesus was a great healer but that wasn’t his purpose. If he had stuck to healing we would have just known him as a doctor or medicine man.

What about you? Have you appreciated the gift of life and time that has been given to you? What have you done with it? How have you said thank you through the use of the gift? Have you looked for your purpose? Have you found it? What have you done with it? How do you feel knowing that people with more challenges than you, have accomplished more, overcoming more obstacles and achieving significantly more successes than you as they attained greatness and almost god like status in their specialist field?

How is your judgement of yourself going? Are you guilty as charged? Have you needed to confess your faults? I confess that I am guilty as charged. Do you? Have you been greatly unjust to yourself? Have you failed to be just to yourself, others and the Creator as you should have been given the gifts that you have been bestowed? Has your use of time and other resources such as the Universe, your imagination and finance been inefficient, if not blatantly wasteful and disrespectful of the Gift Giver?

You see most of us have made the mistake of trying to fit in whilst we were made to stand out in our own positive way, regardless of what we may have been told in order to conform and blend in with the status quo as sheeple. Most of us have tried to be reasonable and realistic, as opposed to be being unreasonable, ambitious and a visionary who does what is necessary to bring the vision into reality.

You and I being average, is us being unjust to ourselves. You and I being average is congruent with us failing to align ourselves with our purpose and that God-force that resides within us and the Universe or the Creator who is there to encourage us and open doors so that we may bring all that we should into fruition. The Creator and the Universe, or Natural Order if you prefer, represents one of our best friends, but one of the most neglected. How do we know? By the number of obstacles that we have respectively overcome, both in our lives and our achievements? What say you? Are you going through a bout of excusitis, making excuses for your lack of success? You know what you should have done that you did not do, don’t you? In a boxercise class, the instructor, David at the end of the session often saying, and getting us to say, ‘4% of the day, 100% effort.’ The suggestion is that in that hour session we have to give 100%. What if we were to incorporate this in our lives amending it to, ‘80% of the day, 100% effort’, how would that change our use of time and our achievements?

You and I are now in the spotlight. Not just the spotlight of the Universe but the spotlight of our vision and our hearts. The time that has passed has gone. What we do from now is what is relevant. How we use our time will define how significant we have learnt from this insight. This may be seen to be a slap on the wrist or early release from the imprisonment of disrespect, adverse self-indulgence and ingratitude. Will we go back to our old habits and be worthy of a tougher sentence as a result or will we learn the lesson contained herein and our self-accusing spirit guide us towards respect, positive self-indulgence with a view of positively serving our purpose and niche, with the attitude of gratitude?

Warning is mercy. This insight serves as a warning to you. What are you going to do with the warning? What are you going to do differently tomorrow, if not from today as a result of this insight? What will your life mean differently to you and others during your final days? How will you judge yourself differently as a result of you changing your path as a result of this insight if applicable?

Do you love the Gift-Giver, yourself, your family, your friends, your people, your niche and your legacy to make a change, bring out the greatness, the service, love and gratitude that you could and should to highly justify your time on this planet as you stand out in your own right and not try to just blend in, integrate or assimilate with mediocrity or average? Time will tell. You will either have success or excuses. Fortunately and unfortunately for you, I have just got rid of your excuses!

Muhammad K.

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