Do Not Shoot The Messenger

Do not shoot the messenger

Once again the POTUS  (Mr. Trump) have caused controversy, with his comments, Quote “if they do not like it here in America, then they should go back and help to clear up the mess that their birth countries are in”. What is wrong with this statement?. We must realise that what fuel white supremacy, and arrogance, is the constant yearning and longing to travel and live in the countries of Europe and North America, by people from all over the world, and especially people from the Caribbean, and Africa. Despite the racism, the insults, the disadvantages, the out of proportion deaths at the hands of security personals, they still want to migrate in their thousands to these places.

Instead of always complaining about racism, we should focus more on the reasons why Black people have to flee their land of birth to travel to foreign and far flung corners of the globe for what appears to be a better life, where there are opportunities  for jobs and education backed up by a welfare and a good health system. We must ask ourselves, with all our  resources, why do we have to migrate to other countries. As a race we suffer racial prejudice from all other races, including lighter skinned black people with a sense of their own inferiority complex, abuse and a disproportion of mental illness due to the hostilities that we face. With all these disadvantages inflicted on us, we still find it preferable to suffer these insult and injury as a price worth paying for the want of what appears to be a better life. This action on our behalf is what helps to fuel white supremacy and racial prejudice. No one respects beggars, and as a race, we do more than our fair share of begging.

We must see ourselves as guests in a foreign country, whether you were born anywhere in Europe or North America, you will always be an immigrant or a foreigner, make no mistake about this. (Your colour will decide your ethnicity and your domicile status).

Trump, statement about the vocal members of congress, quote “If they do not like it in the USA then they should go back to their crime infested country to try and clean it up. 

Now what is so offensive about the POTUS statement? Most black governed countries whether in Africa or the Caribbean are overtley corrupt, disorganised shitholes, this is the very same reason why black people have become a nomadic migrant race, traversing the globe for the want of a better life. We should be putting aside the racial element of the host countries, and focusing our energies on holding to account these dog shit for brains political misleaders and doing all that we can to effect political change in black countries, by forming cells, secret societies, networks to bring about real political and economic change. There is a definate mental issue with the black younger generation, they walk around aimlessly like zombies, having the ambition and energy knocked out of them, due to their hostile environment. When compared to all other immigrants, The Asians, Chinese, Arabs the Blacks are at the bottom of the list for having the least amount of students doing professional studies.  This must change, we need our own scientists, doctors, researchers, historians, engineers, architects, scientists, chemists otherwise we will remain infantile for decades to come.

Immigrants, who have been convicted of certain criminal activities have been deported back to their birth countries. In one particular case, a gentleman who lived in Canada, was deported back to Barbados, after spending 20 years in jail for a murder outside a college gate. ( whilst trying to rob a student) After a couple of years, somehow he managed to gain entry back into Canada illegally, by using a fake passport. His reason for sneaking back into Canada, was “he did not fit in to the Barbadian society”  He was only discovered after he was arrested for his involvement with arm gangs terrorising the business community in Toronto by going on armed robbery sprees. He is now waiting deportation back to Barbados again. The reason that was given for his return to Canada I would like to dispute. Like so many of our people, they do not take the opportunity to improve their skills or their education when the opportunity is afforded to them when they travel abroad. There is a wide spread belief that they have arrived in safe hands and nothing can go wrong. and in the case of this career criminal,  and many others, they engage in these illegal criminal activities thinking that their human rights will make them untouchable, but reality has hit them in their face like a brick. More to the truth, is that they have no skills to offer their host country other than their criminality, and now that they have been sent back, they have no skill to offer their birth country either, they find them selves destitute with very little to offer other than their continued criminal illicit trade. These losers are of no use to any Race or society least of all the Black race. We should have nothing to do with these criminals and they should be called out and disowned.

What POTUS  said was very accurate  we should be helping in the rehabilitation and the clean up of our own countries, and we should not be upset to hear the truth, because this will set us free. The mistake that we make quite often when a black person who resides in a predominant white country, is elevated to a certain prestigious position they get a sense that they have arrived, as one of the chosen few, which affords them the right to be highly opinionated  about certain subjects. until they get slapped down and put back in their place, ( where ever that may be.)  Baroness Warsi knows too well about this.

Our unwillingness to publicly critisize our black countries for their low governmental standards, have embolden them to continue with their incompetence and corruption. The time is well overdue for us to be masters of our own land. They have no consciousness of shame. Blacks people with any useful skills or just the will and love our race, should re-migrate back to their lands to contribute in the redevelopment of these lands, but things has to change if this is any chance of enticing the army of the willing.

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