Donald Trump “Shithole” Comment Part 2



Donald Trump “Shithole” Comment Part 2

Donald Trump, is not the only Racist kid on the block, You can find them everywhere, at work in your church , at your bars, on the bus, on the trains, etc. Black people needs to stop chomping at the bit every time we hear any racist comments. Just think of the country and place where you live. if you go out in the rain, do not complain of getting wet. The chances are that you live in North America, or Europe. the very heart of colonial and Imperial power. Just consider who enslaved the black race. Then what the hell do you expect from these people? The red carpet rolled out to welcome us? We need to be come to the realisation that we are on our own. Donald Trump described most of the Caribbean and West Africa as a “shit hole“, whether you agree or not, would there be such a reaction if he used diplomatic language, such as . Emerging Democracies, Third world countries. Underdeveloped Countries? I would guess not, because these are the words chosen to sooth your instinct ( such as African American) instead of been called a Nigga and the supposedly Black educated political class accepts this label. Once again i must stress the need for us to become conscious of who we are.

The Black people who are shouting the loudest are shouting from a distance thousands of miles from the very same places that Trump described as shit holes. If these places were comparable with their newly adopted countries, they would be marching in protest to the US embassy half a mile away. But the truth is that they are shit holes, run by Ass holes. They have to be called out for who and what they are.

The very sad irony is that as a race we are, and can be very accommodating, we are hospitable to strangers, we marry into any race, etc. but some how the contradiction is that we cannot unify as a one race of the same people. Perhaps it is because we are the most governed race on earth. with our land fragmented into thousand of pieces, and each has a different heads of state. and all with different flags. China and India with a combined population of more than two billion people, one flag each, now compare this to Africa, riddled with tribalism, different languages, different borders. and non is prepared to work for the unifying of the continent. Gadaffe was championing the cause of unity, but he was eliminated. But the gravy train for the sitting political elite, keeps on rolling, and they are not willing to leave the comfort of the banqueting hall, with out a fight even if it means plunging the country into chaos.

Instead of us jumping on the backs of those that throw racial insults at us, we should be focusing our efforts on the countries that these black political classes are abusing their power, and keeping the countries in the state of underdevelopment ie Shit holes. The populous needs to demand accountability of their rulers. We cannot change Europeans and their racist views, but we can change ourselves of how we respond, and form activist and discussion groups to highlight our plight as a race. Sitting down and watching reality tv, should not be an option. we are way behind other races, and requires a different approach to the future.

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