Enoch Powell is dead, long live Enoch Powell.

Enoch Powell is dead, long live Enoch Powell

Call me Cynical, and yes i am proud of it. But as i watch the Windrush drama, surgically displaced the very embarrassing situation that the British government found themselves in, with the Skripal’s poisoning, and the subsequent Bombing of Syria, I was seduced, with all that outpouring of love and care for the windrush generation. This new found concern for humanity coming from the British political establishment, especially the Conservative Party, (to boot). I was woken from my hypnotic slumber, by the Speech of Mr. Enoch Powell. “Rivers of Blood”. Having brushed the cobwebs from my eyes. i was yet again faced with the stark reality that nothing has changed, or will change anytime soon. The speech was made almost fifty ears ago, and it is still as prevalent today as it was all those years ago, and will continue to be so.

This was front line politics at it’s best, and I had a front seat view. a masterful political stroke, in the art of removing a political hot contentious issue from the public domain, and replace it with something that may buy you some time in order to re-invent yourself, whilst at the same time, give you some public sympathy. Like a master Magician, Ms May cast her magic wand and made the troublesome episode of the illegal bombing of Syria, and the Skripal poisoning saga, All disappear from the public consciousness. Co-incidentally, just before their local elections. This was made possible by the over aired publicity of the non status (that went on for several days) of emigrants from the West Indies, that was part of the British Empire. The plight of these immigrants were taken up by the Conservatives as an injustice. (since when the tories have been concerned with injustice?) they promised to right what was wrong.

The baying crowds of hyenas, asking for justice, encouraged by politicians with their self interest, wanted blood, and raw meat. They claimed the scalp of Amber Rudd. Ms Rudd was sacrificed to appease the fools, who did not take responsibility for their own inaction, of not preparing the necessary documentation for their immigrant status.
A well known academic published an article in one of the main street media publication (propaganda broad sheet) crediting his school teacher for helping him to become a critical thinker, and here are the key words “critical thinker” and this i am afraid is what is so lacking in the general population worldwide. especially, us, as black people. We take things on face value, with out depth of analyst, which can leave us exposed to exploitation, which often happens.

We as a race should reflect and become critical in our thinking, ask ourselves, what right do we have to travel to another country especially a White mans’ country and demand rights, ( put aside the humanity argument) Ask yourself why do we have to leave the country of our birth to live else where? Ask yourself what is and what was the purpose of having to migrate to other far flung foreign lands. the questions that i have to ask are many but you will be face with the stark honest reality, that our political classes are rotten and corrupt to the festering core. Then with realisation, should we not put our efforts into trying to effect change in our own countries, that will prevent future generations from migrating to foreign hostile lands.
we have been played with this wind rush episode, the majority of the resident population are sympathetic with the sentiments of Enoch Powell and the government, whilst at the same time the Windrussians, are pleased at achieving something, but what have they really achieved, apart from giving the government a moral victory of appearing to care about the injustices of their Black immigrant population. Most of the people that migrated to the UK in the early 50’s and 60’s are deceased or nearing the end of their active productive life, hence the numbers are insignificant.

What has this to do with Enoch Powell? Mr.Powell speech about the immigrants arriving in England, and there will be rivers of blood as they take over the country in reality it was a anti immigrant speech against Black people settling in the UK. Call it for what it is, and was. The seed of racial prejudice planted by Enoch Powell, was not left to rot in the soil, instead it was watered and fertilised to take root and grow again. After nearly fifty years of his infamous speech, he now has a new generation of admirers, who are now infected with his thoughts.

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