How have we lost our way  as a race. from greatness to useless

How have we lost our way  as a race. from greatness to useless.

From once been the top race of people in the world as god’s creation, we are relegated to a beggar race.  The contradiction is that we are compassionate to other races, but no reciprocal  gesture, and they will never be our friends, but we still hanker for their love and attention. The very sad irony is that we seek the approval of the race and sanctuary in the land of those that has been our oppressors. The US blacks pride themselves with the fact that they helped to build America, but what they fail to realise, is that it was done under duress, they were slaves and they had the white man’s whip on their back.  How different it now is that in all the countries or Island that is run by Any true black person, they do not have the whip on their backs, but they cannot and will not build for ourselves. Why is this so? After many generations and decade of independence, we do not have our own Educational institutions, Advance medical facilities,  We continue to send our people to north America and Europe for Indoctrination, the So call Diplomas that they return with, have as much use as Micky mouse toilet paper.  Nigeria has thousands of professors and doctors, but still they cannot dig a hole to shit in without the help of their European handlers.

So Much wealth in Africa, but our people are some of the poorest on the planet, brutalise, and oppressed by the very same black leadership that is supposed to protect and nurture  the people that they govern. Instead greed and corruption is endemic in their mis-leadership.

As a Black race we have no friends not even those that are part of the African continent, no matter what guise they appear in. We are not even true to ourselves or support each other. We have embraced religion of various sorts, and most of it been given to us by the very same people that is, and has been our enslavers. Muslims and christians  and other faiths has been living in harmony for centuries, but now they are killing each other in Africa, based on agent provocateur. There is no consciousness of them thinking of themselves as people of the same race. They find money to purchase weapons of destruction, whilst unable to provide medicine for hospitals, and books for the schools.

We protest about “Black lives matter” whilst at the same time kill each other, there is more Black on black  crime in most inner-city  areas  and drug abuse is now rampant in the black communities. It appears that like Aloe-vera and coconut, that has been valued by north American and European countries, that now attract a premium price, there has not been such value attached to black lives hence the antisocial gangs and self abusers are common  in such communities, it appears that only when the European race put a value on black lives, then we will value ourselves.

Our culture, language  has been adulterated, and our history fabricated, as a race we are flung to all corners of the globe, looking for riches and a lifestyle that is comfortable, only to end up living in a hostile land full of hostilities against non-white immigrants, the con they provided of affirmative action and race equality, is a sham to give false hope to a hopeless people. The energy that is wasted fighting for equal opportunity in these foreign land, will be better spent fighting for, and exposing the mismanagement and corruption in the black countries, where a difference can be made that will provide a thin platform for future generations, that will hopefully prevent them from having the urge to migrate from their home land. to a place of constant mental and psychological  despair. No matter what number of black members of parliament or house representatives that sits in congress. there  will be no change to the political landscapes that will make any difference to black people.

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