I have love in my heart for Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson for example. That does not mean that I endorse everything that they have done or are doing. I hated knowing that under President Obama’s office, Libya was destroyed and black people have literally being made into slaves in the absence of the leadership of President Muammar Gadaffi. Yes I know and appreciate that Obama was an employee of the USA and those who preside over it, he was selected before elected and he was under orders. Barack Obama served people well by becoming the first black President of the United States of America. That never meant that he was the black people’s president, though we may have helped vote him into office, and most of us would have liked him to do more for us especially in his second term. He served us by achieving such an office, breaking some of the ceilings of our minds.
Bill Cosby broke some of the ceilings of our minds with the Cosby Show and being one of the richest stars in entertainment. His show was largely very positive, not just in terms of black people, but how we have been seen. I hated hearing the accusations that Bill Cosby allegedly drugged those women to have his wicked way with them, especially knowing that given his popularity he could or would have been able to get most of those women, I imagine, given his fame, looks, personality, charm and other characteristics. He is guilty given that he should never have been placed in a position where they could have found 60 odd women who had been alone with him. Yes it is likely that the real reason that this ‘came out’ was given that Cosby had the audacity, as a black man, to make moves to takeover NBC.
I could not fault Oprah Winfrey, another ‘giant’ who has contributed significantly to humanity. However I could not support her if the ubiquitous rumours of her joining with fellow billionaires, like Gates, Buffet, Rockefeller and Turner, engaging in population control, whereby the aim is said to be essentially to kill people of colour, stop them reproducing and allowing the powers that be, the luxury of enjoying the natural resources of each of these countries. That’s without mentioning her program which aired the sexual abuse allegations being hurled at Michael Jackson, even though they each had their day in court where they could have made it clear under oath, but they said that (the sexual abuse) was not their experience. At least one of them has tried to get financial reward from Michael Jackson’s estate, though he is not around to defend it or himself. However, admittedly we do not know what kind of pressure Oprah Winfrey is under. Every level has another devil. We have not encountered that devil or those devils at her level. We, at best, have encountered the little devil at our relatively low level.
I would have said that Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer of all time, but I concede, (after listening to Sir. Bruce Forsythe) that he wasn’t, putting forward the compelling argument that Sammy Davis Jr. was the greatest all round entertainer in modern times. Certain people hated the fact that he beat the records of people like Elvis Presley and the Beatles, and was shrewd enough to own the collections and rights of both, and others, including Little Richard, who he gifted back to Little Richard. Michael Jackson was guilty. I am not suggesting that he was a child abuser. He was guilty of having sleepovers with children. He was guilty of putting himself in a position whereby he thought that he was so special to the point whereby he wouldn’t be treated like a black man.
Allah (God), Jah, Jehovah has created me so that I could never forgive that devil, Dylaan Roof, the 21 year old white supremacist who went into Charlestown Church, joined in during the prayer service. I can never forgive the devil, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, who killed 50 people in two mosques in New Zealand. There is neither love in my heart for either of them, nor forgiveness, and there will never be, unless there is an intercession from Above, which I really doubt. We are often too quick to forgive our enemies. Yet those who have positively contributed from certain perspectives, like Obama, Cosby, Winfrey and Jackson, are often criticised by us and with our enslaved minds, we rush to forgive our traditional and historic enemies. Yes these greats of ours may have tarnished or shattered legacies depending on your judgment of them, but at least they have positively contributed. How have you and I contributed to the betterment of our people that qualifies us to judge them?
Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield were two of the best sportsmen of their generation. They have left their legacy in sporting history. However between them they earned and lost $650m. Yes I am ignoring the Desiree Washington scenario with Iron Mike, as I am of the opinion that most of the time, a woman leaving her hotel at the early hours of the morning should know what she is going to such an athlete’s hotel room alone for, or have certain expectations.

“Boxing is for people who have nothing (except for boxing).” Mike Tyson.

On the other hand, Floyd Mayweather, is a good businessman. Yes it is not right that he beat the mothers of his children, one who has three and the other one. As a boxer, he’s the greatest of his generation, learning from all that came before him, both from a boxing and the boxing business perspectives. It has led to his 50 wins and no loss, finally beating Rocky Marciano’s record. It is a pity that he is not a heavyweight to bury that one forever. We may not understand what he has done and is doing, but there is method in his ‘madness’. He’s shrewd. He rebranded himself from Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather to Cash Money Floyd Mayweather. Being Pretty Boy would not have earnt him over $1bn. Yes he is known for his extravagant lifestyle and his spending. What most people do not realise is that he is able to continue such a lifestyle in retirement as a result of the yield from successful investments that he has made, meaning that he is not spending the principal. It helps of course given that he can fight an exhibition bout against a 21 year old Japanese kick boxing champion, destroying him in the first round, causing his opposing corner to throw in the towel, netting $9m in the process. The best thing that we can do for the poor in our community is not be one of them. People are employed as a result of Floyd Mayweather, though admittedly one could argue that more could be done to help our people and engage in nation building activities, such as farming and engineering businesses, but no one wants to go too far outside their comfort zone.
My point is where are our communities or nations whereby we are subjected to the restrictive laws (such as the 10 commandments or the negative confessions) that are key to our success, straight-jacketing us from evil doing, such bad decisions and give us a system whereby anyone who tries to cause us ill from within or without are appropriately dealt with in a timely fashion? Take those two devils for instance, Roof and Tarrant. Do you think if there were great consequences for them, their families and their people, as well as from their people they would have made the same choices?

“If you love or like everyone, you have a big problem with yourself.” Mike Tyson.

According to The Course of Miracles, we are not just punished for our sins we are punished for our sins. Take smoking for example. Smoking cost us some greats like Scatman Crothers, Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, John Coltrane, Lou Rawls, Jesse Owens, Sarah Vaughn, June Pointer and Donna Summer for example. I lost my brother to cancer which was accelerated by his smoking addiction or habit. We all know that it kills. It contributes to us getting cancer, primarily lung cancer. However it accelerates other cancers, such as prostate cancer for example. According to Dr. Stephen Ferguson, a smoker needs to take 10 times the quantity and quality of vitamin C in order to derive the same benefit as a non-smoker, indicating that the effectiveness of food and medication is greatly impeded by smoking, without speaking of the effectiveness of the organs, such as the pancreas for example. What I am saying is that our transgressions adversely affect the community of self on all levels, from individual, to family to community. The Honourable Louis Farrakhan said that the biggest threat to us as a people include anything that adversely affects our families. Strikes against Libya that has led to blacks being made into slaves has adversely affected families. Population control, sexual abuse, financial hardship/neglect/abuse, smoking/drugs/over or under-eating all adversely affect family. Allowing, not preventing or stopping others from abusing us, adversely affects family. Not contributing as we ought to adversely affect our families. The challenges or problems that we do not solve adversely affect us, our families and our people. What is the symbolic ‘smoke or ‘smoking’ in your life?
Is there truly love in our hearts for ourselves, our families and our people? Love is a noun but also a verb, a doing word. What are we doing with our love, assuming that we have some? Do our actions suggest that we really love or that we are providing lip profession, lying about what we feel, providing reasoning rather than actions that will serve positively for generations?
If you are not a millionaire now, how will you become one in five years (if you want or desire) without selling out or abandoning your good values, knowing that the best thing that you can do for the poor of our community is not be one of them?

Muhammad K.


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