Opinion by Dee Diane

Opinion by Dee Diane

I am a 60s 70s child. I grew up during the era of the Black Power Movements: The Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Rainbow Coalition, NAACP, CORE, The Black Liberation Army, The Weather Underground, The Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee, and other grass root and underground groups. They were raw and militant during an age where blacks inspite of being free had little rights. These groups were infiltrated by such as the CIA, Edgar Hoover. the FBI and others. They in no way was going to share equality with the “underclass” as they saw blacks. Their aim was to “neutralize” these groups. They specifically targeted these groups, harassed them, set them up to be killed and used black informers.

The powers that be had the heavy hand. Also, all black people are not alike, we are not monolithic. You have your bougie class vs working class, poor vs wealthy, North vs South, light skin vs dark skin, foreign born blacks vs black Americans- pretty much the same issues anywhere. And, out of the So called forty mil blacks a huge number are not offspring of slaves but blacks who come from other nations. So the unity of skin does not create necessarily, like minds. There are also those blacks who have been beaten down because they’re kept in poverty and “social enslavement” so therefore feel no one will listen. There are those blacks who became complacent when their parents, grandparents who fought the cause and things got better where their kids went to college, became doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. just became a part of the American landscape. There are so many layers to why we are where we are.

Black people have done a lot for this country. But the years of complacency did not bring forth strong-minded black children who would continue the fight. There is structural racism in cement. You had to have been a part of the American experience to understand. In regards to the riots going on right now…Anyone who think these people are destroying their community do not know America. Unfortunately you have white agitators such as agent provocateur, anarchists, white nationalists, the Arians who infiltrate these riots and bring sophisticated fire materials, weapons and destroy the black community.

This is the history. In Minneapolis where George Floyd was SLOWLY murdered by a demon, that community was largely Somali. Their business were destroyed. Those people who live there would not destroy their own. Remember the media is sneaky sneaky. Take a look again. You will see many whites in those riots from California to Utah to Colorado to New York and so on. Not all of them are in a “cum-baya” moment. The looting also done by out of towners. This is all in light of coronavirus, many are out of work, many out of school and all of that is being unleashed. It’s also not just about George Floyd but Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Amidou Diallo, Abner Luima, Eric Garner, Atatiana Jefferson, Philando Castile. Almost 2000 murders of unarmed black people by white police since 2019. I like Joy Degruy The Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome, Neely Fuller, (check them out) and there are black YouTubers who know they can be shut down regarding the black white American experience. It’s a lot deeper than blacks not helping each other because we have in spite of it all made a lot of progress. But if it’s not the white police it’s the whites who shoot and get away with it like the most recent Amoud Aubrey who was shot down like a deer by father and son racist. Oh and by the way racism is synonymous to power and control of a hated group. We don’t have that power but we can hate….. I however don’t…

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