Take a moment to consciously be aware of what comes to mind regarding this statement:

‘Hitler was a great man.’

What came to your mind?

I hope you were not unjust to yourself and spent at least 30 seconds doing the exercise. You owe it to yourself to get the most of it. Please review your thoughts regarding this if appropriate.

You see that statement was made by The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The so-called Jews came against him and deemed him to be an ‘anti-Semite’. Ignorant negroes, despite his explanation did not accept or understand his explanation. Some undoubtedly were blinded by their ignorance, their assumptions, presumptions and perceptions of what is said and what is meant.

This represents a big problem in our communities that damages our relationships, as a result of many of us having a challenge articulately communicating, speaking and listening. Unfortunately many of us do not appreciate that there is a hint in the fact that we have two ears and one month to use to that ratio.

The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan pointed out that great is not synonymous with good. If there was an earthquake that measured 11.9 on the Richter scale that killed 1000 people. That was a great earthquake but it was not necessarily a good one.

I mentioned so-called Jews given that many in the Jewish lobby are just that, a type of Jew, in the same way that reddish is a type of red, greenish is a type of green and so forth. You get my point. Before some ignorant person thinks it, let me say for the record, I am neither anti-Semitic nor anti-Jewish. I respect the Jews for a number of reasons and think that there is plenty that we could and should learn from them that will, once implemented, not just enhance our understanding but also our condition.

Most of what we know or refer to as Jews, relate to the European converts to Judaism, some of whom migrated to Palestine when the U.S., U.K. et al sanctioned the setting up of the state of Israel in Palestine in the 1940s. They allowed and sanctioned Israel to expand to the detriment of the Palestinians. This may sound controversial to you and biased, but imagine that your home was a palace that you lived in with your family. Your palace was invaded and instead of having the whole building and compound you were restricted to the bathroom and a small room next to the bathroom. How would you feel?

You see broadly speaking, Judaism consists of the:

Ashkenazi Jews or the German and Eastern European Jews;
Sepharic Jews or the Spanish Jews;
Mizrahim Jews or those from the Oriental countries, Persia, Iraq and Yemen;
Abayudaya Jews from Uganda; and
Falasha Jews or the Ethiopian Jews.

The Ashkenazi are not natural to the so-called Middle East that is an extension, geographically, some will argue, to Africa. Racism and prejudice is rife, where many of the lighter skinned Jews treat the darker Jews badly. In fact the Falasha Jewish women have been sterilized wholesale, under the guise of them being given vaccinations. It is population control, fear of a black planet, and as the late, great, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing used to say, fear of white genetic annihilation.

Stay with me now.

Look in your dictionaries whether online or not, and you will find that the Semites, refer to the Arabs and the Jews, but it also refers to other people such as the Samarians. Wikepedia puts it in better context defining Semitic languages:

The Semitic languages are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family originating in the Middle East[2] that are spoken by more than 330 million people across much of Western Asia, North Africa and the Horn of Africa,[3] as well as in often large immigrant and/or expatriate communities in North America, Europe and Australia.[4][5] The terminology was first used in the 1780s by members of the Göttingen School of History,[6] who derived the name from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah in the Book of Genesis.
The most widely spoken Semitic languages today are (numbers given are for native speakers only) Arabic (300 million),[7] Amharic (22 million),[8] Tigrinya (7 million),[9] Hebrew (~5 million native/L1 speakers),[10] Tigre (~1.05 million), Aramaic (575,000 to 1 million largely Assyrian fluent speakers)[11][12][13] and Maltese (483,000 speakers).[14]
Semitic languages occur in written form from a very early historical date, with East Semitic Akkadian and Eblaite texts (written in a script adapted from Sumerian cuneiform) appearing from the 30th century BCE and the 25th century BCE in Mesopotamia and the northern Levant respectively. The only earlier attested languages are Sumerian, Elamite(2800 BCE to 550 BCE) (both language isolates), Egyptian and unclassified Lullubi from the 30th century BCE.

With this in mind, you can see that the Semitic people originate from us and are certainly not confined to the Ashkenazi or European Jews. We can hopefully appreciate, if we do not already that many of us, as Malcolm X used to say:

“You’ve been had. You’ve been took. You’ve been hoodwinked.
Bamboozled. Led astray. Run amok.”

Much of what is said to be anti-Semitic is not. It is just a case of some Ashkenazi Jews, some of which may even be ignorant of the above, being highly sensitive and controlling much of the world with their sensitivities. It reminds me of what The Most Honourable Elijah Muhammad used to say, that ‘an organised lie is more effective than disorganised truth’.

A section of us will have a problem with Minister Louis Farrakhan as a result of this, the lies and perspective that others have to say and given our ignorance and foolishness. This may seem to be an isolated example of course, but it certainly isn’t, it happens between us every day, but most of us are unaware of us. Let me not dwell on the subject, many Ashkenazi Jews do not agree with Zionism, as do any of the other Jews.

This article was inspired by a conversation with a friend of mine who misrepresented what I had said, fortunately to me. I had been speaking about the television programme, Food Unwrapped, and described presenter, Kate Quilton, as being ‘nice’. I stated that she comes across as being nice to all, good spirited and very likeable. I also stated that this is possible partly as she benefits from ‘white privilege’, and she is the type of woman that many black men would be interested in, as she does not have the burdens of the other side of the coin of white supremacy, that black men and women are subject to on a day to day basis. The unfortunate thing is, later on in the conversation, my friend said that I described Kate as being ‘angelic’, which I had never done. I corrected her on this as it was not right, was not what was said and certainly was not and is not my perspective, it hadn’t even come to my mind. I even highlighted the etymological root of the word ‘nice’ coming from the Latin ‘nescius’ meaning foolish and ignorant. This was of course not a slight or insult on Kate. She is an intelligent woman though she is obviously ignorant of what we have to endure under white supremacy, who feels it really knows it. The woman that I spoke to said, ‘that’s not what you had in mind’. I let it slide as I do not argue with anyone. At best I will enter a discussion but exit well before an argument draws near. When someone wrongly tells me what I have in my mind that is problematic.

It had not been the first time that has happened. I remember referring to a woman as being beautiful, and the same woman incorrectly assumed that I wanted an intimate relationship with her! It was only when I expressed that I appreciate the beauty of a Bughatti, Lamborghini and Ferrari but I would not buy one or have any desire of owning one, that it began to make sense to her theoretically. I still heard the reservation in her voice. Thankfully in both cases, the conversation was with me and not with all and sundry, though maybe in other cases with other people that may have been the case.

You see this is not about me and my reputation. It is about all of us. You may see that I have to mind my language referring to foolishness and ignorance. We have to be careful that we do not place our warped presumptions, assumptions and perceptions on other people and what is said to us in plain English, or whatever language that we may speak. Likewise we have to be mindful that what we say is in plain English, or whatever language that we speak, and no matter how articulately it is presented.

Many of us have problems receiving compliments, which may be due to how we see ourselves or how we see the person giving the compliments. Some of us have an issue with compliments being given to other people, taking it as an articulation of one’s deficiency as opposed to recognising the God-given gifts, talents, skills and virtues of others. This is especially the case in the context of relationships. In some cases, male-female relationships have issues, as just suggested. Some women, for example, believe that if their man compliments a woman, especially to his woman, wife or partner, which means that he has an interest in her and the woman obviously has something that his partner does not have. Some women will not be satisfied until or unless their men speak bad or ‘put down’ other women or raise their women higher in conversation. So for example, if he says Lupita Nyong’o is beautiful, then many women will take that as if they are not. For many women, if they point out that Lupita is beautiful, they may have an issue with their men agreeing too quickly as though they have already noticed. These are merely examples. I am not saying that men do not have issues with their women speaking highly of the virtues of other men of course. You see we are really in trouble if we cannot acknowledge the portfolio of God-given gifts that we have each been blessed with uniquely, and not take them as an insult.

I heard Student Minister Dr. Ava Muhammad say that ‘a woman that is not studying is a traitor to her race.’ That may be a harsh or hard pill to swallow but when you put it in the context of:

‘If you teach a man, you teach an individual. If you teach a woman you educate and liberate a nation.’ Malcolm X.

It should make more sense of course. It is better to be a fool for a minute than a life time, of course.

That does not mean that our men should not be studying and putting things into practice. Our men need to be also educated, not just formally, but informally and have different forms of intelligence that will serve us, helping us to progress. There has never been a time when we have needed to quickly progress like presently. There has never been a time where we have needed to communicate better, needed knowledge of self and needed to do for ourselves like now.

Unfortunately too many of us spend too much time on frivolous behaviour, brain dead television, social media, socialising, games and literature, that do nothing to aid our advancement. We want to unwind, relax and chill out yet we have done nothing for ourselves or our people in terms of service, contribution or legacy building.

If you want to engage in such behaviour, consider seeing the ‘scary comedy’, Us, staring Lupita Nyong’o, a film that from my perspective uniquely makes it clear that if you do not kill your negative side of self your negative side of self can kill you, your relationships, contribution and legacy building.

Are we going to positively learn from the Jews and how they control a significant part of the world, having significant influence in most segments, though there are only 15 million of the world’s 7 billion people?

Are you one that will make the cemetery the ‘richest’ real estate in the world, full of buried billion pound or dollar ideas that were never brought to fruition, as they did not successfully make the sacrifice? Or are you one that will use the God-given blessings of life to serve, contribute and build a legacy for yourself and for our people?

Muhammad K.

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