A Simple Potato-and Anchovy Salad

A Simple Potato-and Anchovy Salad.

20 to 24 small waxy potatoes, washed
6 Soft boiled, fresh eggs
As many Anchovies as you want
100 Ml of good olive oil
2 Desert spoon of a good red wine vinegar
2 Table spoon chopped parsley
Freshly -Ground black pepper

Gently boil the potatoes in a pot os slightly salted water, until they are cooked through, then set them aside to cool. Put the eggs into a furiously boiling pan of water and cook for six minutes. at which time place the pot under cold running water until the eggs are cooled down. Since the salt off the anchovies, and remove their backbone, if they have been left in.

Peel the potatoes whilst they are still warm, cut them into two or three slices, and lay them on a large plate. Mix together the oil, vinegar and pepper, and pour this over the potatoes. Leave to stand for fifteen minutes, then peel and half the eggs, and place randomly over the potatoes. Lay the anchovies on top, and pour over a little extra olive oil. Strew with parsley and serve.

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