A Swedish masterpiece, that requires a few days to cure, but a few minutes to devour.

400g of Salmon fillet
25.5g Sea salt
56.7g castor sugar
1 Tea spoon of crackers black peppercorns.
A big handful of chopped dill.

Remove any excess scales from the fish skin, and any small bones from the flesh of the fillet. Cut the fillet into two equal size pieces. Mix together the Salt, sugar , pepper and dill, and rub it vigorously into the flesh of the fish. Lay one of the fish halves one on top of the other,( flesh to flesh ) and weigh down lightly in a deep dish. Turn every 12 hours for three to four days, Then rub off any surplus salt mixture, and drain off any green liquid before slicing to serve. Lay the slices flat on to a plate, and serve along with a sweet mustard and dill sauce.

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