Religion!…….What religion?  There is no heaven or hell. Religion

Religion!…….What religion?  There is no heaven or hell.

Religion what is it with religion and the black man. We have been worshiping god for centuries and idolising the white Jesus  from time immoral, but we are still bottom feeders. If we are all god’s children, then we are either his bastard offspring, or children of a lesser god.  What Santa Claus are to children religion are to adults. As the saying goes, when I was a child I did childish things, but when I became an adult I put away the childish things.

It is imperative that we focus more on our own effort than depend on religion or other races for our continued survival. This World wide pandemic whether it be natural or man made, should give us the focus to re-asses our future and our responsibilities to ourselves and our race. By now, we should have had enough of remaining infantile and needy. Our food security, our own defence capabilities, our own medical research and facilities, educational establishments, unity as one nation and a people. ( the Europeans are very good at co-operating with each other to sanction, coerse, co-opt and undermine, using all the evils and trickery, that will destabilise another country,) coerce but you get black countries co-operating and assisting in this destruction of their brothers and sisters. “People that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims…But accomplices. “George Orwell”. 

Our focus must now be to concentrate all our efforts and energies on identifying these black dictotaral political scumbags. and remove them from power. it is not enough to blame others for the repression and brutality that they exert on our daily lives.. It is now time to take control of the country political direction and destination. These old talking heads with their Colonial missionary school education, have ruled the roost for far too long. These house negroes have gone well pass their sell by date. They do not serve us, but has loyalty to their white masters.

The behaviour of the police and security force during the pandemic home isolation, is disgraceful. The citizens, men women old and young, are been beaten viciously, with bull whips, to disperse. Nothing has changed from since slavery and the apartheid state in South Africa. We must demand respect from our politicians. in the words of Benjamin Franklin:. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” For our own survival and security, we have to fight another war of liberation from the old Black African colonial dictators, and work for the Unity and liberation of Africa as a whole entity, not just on a country by country basis.  This mindset keeps us divided.  We have to think Unity of a one Africa.

When the slaves were emancipated some chose to travel to other states to make a new life and cherish their new found freedom, however, other choose to return back to the plantation preferring to tolerate slavery and abuse by their white master, in return for shelter and to be looked after.

We see all too often this situation, when Africans, due to poverty and corruption by these corrupt dictators, having to flee to Europe in search of what is perceived to be a better life, in so doing, many have lost their lives whilst trying.

We worship the white Jesus, and it conditions the black mind to see, and develop a white saviour mentality, contributing to a black inferior mindset. STOP WORSHIPING YOUR WHITE JESUS.

There is no need to continue to load up god with our troubles and tribulation, because we are blessed with some of the world’s richest and abundant minerals, and seventy of the world’s arable land, but still we remain beggars. According to scriptures. God made us in his own image, therefore we are gods ourselves, and should live in a righteous manner. and do for ourselves. This pandemic have exposed us all to put in plain sight for all to see how weak and dependant we are.


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