Selling Ads On Takeaway Packaging, And picture Frame Ads in Venues

Selling Ads On Takeaway Packaging-And picture Frame Ads in Venues

Here is a great way to possible capitalise on the food take away business, contact the shop owners and ask if you can sell advertisement on their food product packaging, with stickers. and picture frame banner ads, hung on the walls.

How it can work is that Advertisers pay you to advertise their product, and increase their coverage for a small fee, and the shop owner gets a percentage of the advertising revenue for minimal additional work of putting stickers on the packaging given to customers, and you retain your share. Such a business model will require minimal investment. Although you have to invest time and effort securing new advertising, it is a win-win opportunity, and a bonus is that previous clients will often rebook ads, hence there will not always the concern of finding new clients.

Contact your local newspaper and find out what they are charging for similar ads, and charge a cheaper rate. Select Advertisers who might be able to reach their target market more effectively in Pubs, Pizza shops,Off licences, Wine bars, Cinemas and record shops, are obvious examples.

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