The Donald, describing West Africa, and the Caribbean, as it really is. “Shitholes”


The difference between previous Presidents of the USA and Mr. Donald Trump, is that he is a self made billionaire, and do not have to kiss asses to buy bread, he has risen to the highest pinnacle in his life by becoming the president of the USA, despite the establishment animosity. This position that he now finds himself in, has afforded him a certain arrogance, cloaked in pomposity. This conceit, and narcissism, was not picked up because fame has gone to his head, after becoming president, but has always been in his DNA and many more like him. The truth is that he is only saying what others are thinking, but because of political correctness, they dare not say in public, but would rather leave it to the village idiot to shout it out loud, and titter behind their hands, whilst exclaiming, “ohhhh you can’t say that.” What people, specially BLACKS do not realise, is that political “correctness” is a platform for the establishment to honestly “ lie” to us. Hence we are a race in bad condition.

President Trump, referred to most of West Africa, and the Caribbean as “shit holes”. I would say that he has used a very mild tern to describe the said places. They should be described with words that stimulate the imagination of the human mind’s eye of just how they are. “ they are diarrhoea puss filled cesspool, with wet greasy rats scurrying around, and those rats represent the so called corrupt Black Political Elite leadership, with dog shit in their heads for brains, that have misruled most most Black countries, and have hijacked the future of millions of black children.

The colonial and imperial rulers of this world know this fact very well, and because as a race, and as we originate from these very same shitholes, no one respects us, and we have no friends, basically we as a race of beggars, and no one respect beggars. Simply because we traverse the whole world looking for jobs, looking for stability, looking for education, looking for healthcare, looking for better housing, looking for better justice, looking for mediators to make peace amongst our neighbours. looking to buy weapons to start war with our neighbours, This is despite the fact that we have the most valued natural resources in the world, some of the best farming land, abundance of water , gold diamonds, uranium, coal, oil, and animals etc etc, but we are sadly the poorest.

The president can say his mind with boldness and confidence, because he knows just corrupt that those heads of state are, it is the colonial powers whether it be France or Uk they have encouraged them, and train them in the art of deceit, and how to defraud. Hugh mining contracts are handed out to European and north American multinationals in return for bribes that amount to billions of dollars, and these ill gotten payments are stacked away in foreign bank accounts. They know exactly who is doing what.

We do not build for ourselves, there has been a repulsion for what Trump said, but the people who are making these comments accusing Mr. Trump of been a racist, are hypocrites, because they will not choose to live in the very same places that trump described as shitholes. There is no other way to tell it, but like it is.
We know that the imperial and colonial powers have interfered with countries across the globe, including those described as shitholes. by murdering and blackmailing, but whose fault is it? these misleaders, are complicit in the scheme to defraud their own countries, therefore why should anyone respect them.

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