This Bromance With the Rest Of The World Is Killing Us


This Bromance With the Rest Of The World Is Killing Us

Most Black countries are Blessed with oil, Agricultural land mass, Animals, Precious minerals and an abundant of wealth, but as a race we are so poor. The situation is not getting any better, in fact the black race is going to hell in a wicker basket.  What makes our political mis-leaders like Bokassa, Bandna, Mabuto, Papa doc and the oil ministers of Nigeria to be so corrupt without compassion for their country and the people. Could there be mental issues involved?, but to blame the obsession of wealth accumulation on mental issues will identify most of the black leadership the world over, and discredit the few who have strive to enlighten and encourage progress amongst the black race. Therefore we have to call them out for just what they are. Thieving low class Bastards, with dog shit in their head for brains.

As a people, we have never had modern power to control world events, it is more a slave master relationship. With the Black Elite political classes acting as plantation overseer on behalf of their North American and European Masa. the same black mis-leadership who were complicit in the slave trade. They will betray their race with the support and encouragement of their handlers, and is rewarded with huge amount of money in the form of bribes, hidden away in their offshore bank account. These individuals lack self esteem, and usually have a poor education, hence their inability to grasp intellectual political issues, they act more like the so call strongmen, a polite term to call a head of state instead of an idiot.

There is very limited infrastructure in the country that these Idiots oversee, poorly run hospitals , schools, roads, poor or no sanitation. etc, they prefer instead to send their children and the chosen few abroad for education and health care, leaving the rest of the population to fend for themselves and live a medieval lifestyle. Africa has too many professors, doctors, engineers that have acquired their so call qualifications from abroad, but they cannot even dig a hole to shit in without the help of the white man. These Micky Mouse degrees are as much use as toilet paper.

The Enemy of the Blackman is ourselves, our attitude, love and an obsession of an inherited religion worshipping god and a white Jesus. This practise conditions the young black mind to see god in all Europeans and people of lighter skin colour. We are unwilling to accept that this false narrative of worshipping god has kept us back as a race, from since slavery, we have been asking god to deliver us, we do it in song, attending church, prayers and we are no further of ridding ourselves from enslavement, and for all those bible bashing christians, if god is our father then we must be the bastard offspring that he does not want his first family to know about hence our treatment at the hands of our father. We need to re examine our relationship with this God and Jesus. We need to do for our selves, go back to our Donkey carts, and ploughs, stop begging the world for Aid, food and  medicine, eat what we plant and grow what we eat. we have no right to migrate to a far off land to a place that has no welcome, love or respect for us, form network with like minded people, disassociate yourself from those black people that lacks self respect  and dignity. We must change, and it start with ourselves. The god of nature have blessed us with the land of plenty, now we have to get up off our big fat asses, and do something.

It is a very sad shameful spectacle to see so many of our Black females spending a small fortune buying and wearing weaves, manufactured by the very same people that disrespects us. As proof of this statement, stand outside the school gates and colleges campuses, in fact the world over from Africa to the Caribbean. I can assume that it is a mental illness of some form to varying degrees, because they appear not to be happy within themselves, hence their idea of beauty has been measured by the Caucasian yardstick. These are tomorrows Black mothers, the future looks very bleak for us as a race. The media and the televisions with their chosen plantation Sambos and their Samboritas  are responsible for peddling this self hating doctrine. There is a definite plan to try to destroy the Black race. They have given our mothers and grandmothers religion, our fathers alcohol, our young males sports, and our young females, facial makeup and celebrity watching.

The feminist movement agenda were pushed in the 70’s and 80’s by the mainly talk host celebrities and the media targeting women, the no fault divorce and state financial support for women, as long as there was no male cohabiting, encouraged the break up of families and their disfunction, hence we now have a generation of fatherless ill-disciplined young males trawling the streets of Europe and North America, with very little prospect for the future. it is never too late to make changes from the path of destruction, it will take effort, but the existence of the race is at stake, our backs are against the wall, Black political leadership have failed us and have betrayed us, hence we now have every right to sharpen our axes and polish our clubs, and take action to regain our independence. not singularly, but as one people belonging to one nation  whether you are in the Caribbean or anywhere “AFRICA”…


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