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Beware Of Those Tasty Indian Snacks

Beware Of Those Tasty Indian Snacks
                 I would like to share some very important information with you. I had a very large packet of snacks ( INDIAN SNACK MIXTURE) in my Cupboard for some time, It was at the back of the Cupboard and hence was overlooked, however I have a very fussy wife, and she is very particular about. (Sellby dates)  I stayed on the side of caution and agreed to throw it out. However I decided to feed the many Birds and Squirrels that live in our back garden. I noticed that the animals ate the peanuts and cashew nuts and other grains, but they left behind, a particular item that looked like fried noodles. I did another test this time using some left over cake, (and the very same Indian snack mixture,) and once again, the very same thing happened, they left the noodle type substance on the bird feeder. It rained over a few days and the noodles were still left on the feeding area. on closer examination, I noticed that the Noodles got soaked, and felt very spongy, on closer examination, I realised, it was a form of Plastic. (Polystyrene)
I once saw a documentary on survival in the wild, and the expert said if you are in the wild and you want to know if the water in the stream is safe to drink watch if horses or cows drink from the stream, if they do then the water is most likely safe to drink. this is why Cowboys in the wild west always took their horses to drink from the stream first, before they do.
There is a lesson here be careful of what you are eating out there because there are lots of products that are now made of plastic. Unfortunately tons of these foods are sold to Black countries because they appear cheaper and Black people like a Bargain, but most inportant there is no technical infrastructure or expertese to test, and screen for harmful and poisonous products been imported. Corruption also plays a major role in this……
Do not take my word for this try the experiment for yourself. Before I eat most things, I find myself sharing my food items with the birds, if they eat it then I feel more comfortable to eat it… Now the animals are teaching Humans.  WHAT A TURN AROUND..
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