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Black People! Get a life.

Black People! Get a life

I am frustrated with the narrative that racism and racial discrimination against Black people comes as a surprise or unexpected behavior from Europeans, as this has been a consistent pattern throughout history, hence why should this be a surprise. there are two choices when faced with discrimination: either to accept it and suffer, or to seek a better life elsewhere. However I acknowledge that it may be difficult for people to return to their country of origin due to family and financial commitments. I can also accept that there are significant challenges associated with trying to repatriate, including corruption and incompetence within the society to which we would like to repatriate to.
instead of complaining about hardships, people should invest in themselves and improve their skills to become more independent and self-sufficient. However we fall short of many social qualities, and should reflect on our own behavior and identify areas for improvement, such as our personal appearance and the way we dress and appear in public, our lack of ambition, and what we find acceptable. Our goal should be to set minimum standards and values for ourselves.
Racism is a pervasive problem that has been present for a long time and it’s disappearance is unlikely be anytime soon. However, instead of trying to change others, people should focus on changing themselves and taking responsibility for their own situations. One of my main criticism, is the entertainment industry for perpetuating negative stereotypes of Black people, and there is a lack of Black competent leadership within most areas of our societies. Which is a significant factor in weakening our structure.
Instead of constantly complaining about hardships and feeling defeated, it is important to take a proactive approach towards overcoming these challenges. I believe that a good starting point is to use the frustration and anger that comes with adversity as motivation to improve ourselves.
by investing in our own personal growth by developing a sense of self-worth and determination to change our lives. This involves taking an honest look at oneself and identifying areas that need improvement. For instance, one can take steps to improve their skill set or acquire new skills that are in demand.
It is important to take personal responsibility for one’s own life and not rely on external factors to determine one’s success or failure. I believe that the first step towards overcoming hardship is to take control of one’s own destiny by making positive changes in oneself.
I cannot over emphasize the importance of taking a proactive approach towards overcoming hardships rather than being passive and complaining about them. By focusing on personal growth and development, individuals can take control of their own lives and become more independent and self-sufficient.
Black people have an unhealthy obsession with fame, fortune, and material possessions, which can lead us to compromise our values and sell our soul. The roles we play in TV and film, such as the thug, thief, robber, drug dealer, etc., reinforce negative stereotypes about our community and our race. Unfortunately, these portrayals are what the rest of the world sees us as, and they use these images to shape their perceptions of us.
To counteract these negative perceptions, we must make, and take ownership of our image and strive to represent ourselves positively. This means being conscious of the roles we play in the media and the way we present ourselves in public. We must focus on improving ourselves, our skills, and our ambitions so that we can become independent and successful individuals. By doing so, we can improve our self-worth and change the way others perceive us.
As black people we need to take responsibility for our situation as bottom feeders and beggars. We must stop blaming the white race for our problems. Let me remind you that other races have suffer similar faith as ourselves, and they have managed to elevate their race. ( example, the Chinese and Asian Indians) we must acknowledge the existence of weaknesses within the black race, including a lack of competent black leadership in Black countries. Instead of complaining and blaming others for our situation, I urge black people to take charge of their own destiny and address these issues.
One way to address these issues is by promoting education and entrepreneurship within the black community. Education can help equip people with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today’s society, while entrepreneurship can provide opportunities for economic growth and self-sufficiency. Additionally, promoting black leadership and empowerment can help address the lack of competent leadership within the community, whether it is is local or political. Rid ourselves of tribal and partisan politics, by electing and promoting competent, educated, dedicated and in-corruptable personels with very high standards.
It is important for black people to take a proactive approach to addressing these issues and creating a better future for ourselves and our communities. This involves taking responsibility for our actions and decisions and working towards positive change. By doing so, black people can move away from being bottom feeders and towards becoming successful and thriving members of society, where ever we live.

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