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The Reason Why You Are Black

I am not black I am brown !  (The Honorary White  Race)  Yeah Right ? tell that to the KKK. 

  Have  you come across this statement from some of our black brothers and sisters, this is a very common statement. There are so much racial prejudice amongst our own people, you have to come to a reasonable conclusion that there are a lot more mentally ill (unstable) black people out there that ( than) were first thought, could this be a result of the constant racial pressure that black people experience, whilst living in their countries. This is why so many of  our brothers and sisters are bleaching their skin.  The real fact is that  after years of telling migrants to assimilate into the local culture, nothing much has changed, and they feel that they have to go further by bleaching to appear, in colour closer to their tormentor, these mental stress must take their toll on a weak mind (fragile mind) over time.  ( i will term this, subliminal sub-conscious racism). The problem with assimilation is that the indigenous white people will never never (ever) accept Blacks as an equal. Period ! We must understand this and accept this as fact, therefore stop giving of yourself and find the inner strength to regain your self respect, pride and dignity. One of the most shocking and disgusting habit is the Black woman, wearing of  wigs, or hair hats, this seldom does anything to enhance their looks or personality, in fact it makes them look like  powder monkeys ( pre-historic) on your way to audition for a part in the Planet of the Ape movie. Our facial physics does not suite that type of Asian / European hair our natural hair is most suited to us. 

There is a very big issue with Racism in Africa and the West Indies especially in the Dominican Republic, and Barbados  we have to solve the many issues amongst us before we look to solve the white man  bigotry. I have travelled extensively and i can tell you that most African and people living in most of the Caribbean, (are in-love) the white man, (with pale skin) they worship them, and give them preferential  treatment.  From the moment that you arrive at immigration at the airport, just look at  the welcome that the Caucasian passengers  receive, compared with Black people, even the hotel staff behave in the same manner. There should be polite warm welcoming service for all, but it is a disappointing spectacle to see the black staff scampering around crawling up the white man’s ass ( grinning, and overplaying their service, such a spectacle is embarrassing to witness) looking for sunshine. This might enhance their expected tips, but they have no clue as to the treacherous bigotry of the white race. Governments have a duty to inform and make their citizens aware of the very bad situation in North America, and Europe.

As a race no one respects us, not the Europeans, whether they are in USA , UK  or Australia. It is in their DNA. Therefore stop trying and looking for their approval. Our efforts should be channelled into forming associations, and committees with other Black people all over the world who are like minded. ( especially people in the Diaspora) I am sorry to have to say this but . People living in the Diaspora have a different mentality and experience of the white man, and have experience of his slimy treachery ( racism and attitude of superiority)  where as the Africans/ West Indians only have the TV image of a kind sweet smiling white savour to be worshipped, not realising that they are Devils masquerading as humans. We are so possessed with trying to become included into their society, we have divided ourselves.

The time is well overdue  for us to separate ourselves  and plan for a different path towards our rehabilitation and a brighter future.

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