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“The Emperor has no clothes on”

Consider the recent events involving frozen Russian assets. The USA and its Western allies seized these assets, essentially appropriating Russian foreign reserve deposits. Such actions have far-reaching implications, shaking the foundation of trust among nations. If you’ve been following global affairs, you might have recognized this as a pivotal moment akin to “The Emperor has no clothes on” realization.

The repercussions are dire. Imagine being a foreign head of state, suddenly confronted with the stark reality that your country’s assets aren’t as secure as you once believed. It’s enough to induce sleepless nights and instill a deep sense of vulnerability.

But what’s truly alarming is the underlying deception perpetuated by Western powers. They’ve masterfully constructed a facade of righteousness, touting ideals like Christianity, human rights, liberty, and democracy. Yet, beneath this veneer lies a web of deceit designed to maintain control over the masses.

Take Christianity, for instance. It was manipulated to fit the European narrative, serving as a tool of colonization and subjugation. The Bible, once a source of spiritual guidance, became a weapon of psychological warfare, particularly targeting Black and impoverished communities. By distorting religious teachings, Western powers fostered a sense of inferiority and dependency among these groups.

And now, with the brazen seizure of assets, the true nature of Western governments stands exposed. Their actions reveal a deep-seated corruption and a willingness to trample over international norms for their own gain. It’s a stark reminder that behind the lofty rhetoric of democracy and freedom lies a system rife with hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy.

This should be a wake up call to all those selfish political leaders in Africa and the rest of the world, to look inwards and educate your populous and govern with righteousness to improve the lives of their people, keeping them ignorant and impoverished to control them, does not give you power, but it will ultimately destroy the very same foundation that you rely on, and this will ultimately lead to your demise. All the money that you have looted from your people and exported to your Western puppet master’s Banks’, will be confiscated and you will be Exiled penniless.

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