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Always Be Aware Of Your Behaviour

There is a TIK-TOK video been circulated around the Social media, showing a hotel worker been disciplined by the Business owner. On reading the comments, the overwhelming opinion was in favour of the worker, who was seen as standing up for his rights. Whilst i will accept that owners of business, especially in the developing world very often abuse their authority and exploit their staff. This can be due to a variety of reasons, the main emphasis will be the lack of employment opportunities that presents themselves, coupled with tribal corruption that is often present within the political system. However we must also mention the invisible Elephant in this dark room, that is good old fashion Colourism and Racism. Most of these large business establishments are often owned by individuals, who are foreign to the Country, and have no loyalty, or love for the locals inhabitants. They are business opportunists, who are there to exploit the inhabitants and the business opportunities that presents themselves.
However on further researching this story, the owner put forward his side of the case, and explained that the staff was warned about his behaviour with the guests, and therefore failed in his duty to comply with company policy. In simple words, the male staff was trying it on with the femail guests at the hotel. I have been on vacation and have observed this type of mannerism by the male staffers, there is this falsly self belief amoungst black men, that every woman that goes on vacation, are there for the black experience, and therefore prey for their sexual desires. 
I have witnessed this embarassing spectacle on many occasions, there is a line between providing a professional service and probing for a liasion with the guests. The staff used the excue that he was making the guests feel very welcomed, but I sensed that his motives were very different. Unfortunately a majority of Black men feel that they are studs, and it is questionable whether he used his employment status, as a cover for his sexual predatory mindset, hiding behind the pretense that he wants to make the guests feel welcomed.
 There is an argument that the situation could have been handled in a more diplomatic manner, and in private, by the owner. who i thought were arrogant and tried to maximise humiliation on to this Staff member. However, we reap what we sow, and the abusive member of staff possibly was partly to blame for his sacking. His outrage was evidence of his split personality, him been a wolf in sheeps clothing.

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