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Ecowas, Chief Monkey Man

 “Ecowas Chief Monkey Man”: A Critical Perspective on Recent Diplomatic Appeals”

In recent times, a video has circulated that raises questions about the power dynamics between corrupt African nations and their Western cohorts. The footage depicts a Black African Head of State seemingly pleading for assistance from a Western nation. The Chief Monkey Man, as referred to in the discourse, offers a lens through which to examine the complex relationship between these fork tongue African snakes, and the West. This analysis aims to explore the nuances of this incident, shedding light on historical, cultural, and political factors that may contribute to such scenarios.

To understand the complexities of Africa’s relationship with the West, it is crucial to delve into the historical context of colonization and its lasting impacts. The continent has a history marked by co-operative exploitation, slavery, and imperial rule, shaping the power dynamics that persist today. The legacies of colonialism have left many African nations grappling with an inferiority complex, economic challenges, political instability, and external influences, that they are a party too.

I am suspicious, particularly towards Africans in the Western hemisphere of Africa, they often display a preference for Europeans over their own people. This sentiment is extended beyond Africa to post-colonial colonies in the Caribbean and places where people of African descent hold positions in government. While such generalizations may oversimplify the complex reality, they point to underlying issues that merit examination. The harassment that we receive as people of colour, at most Airports, is shameful whilst the Europeans are treated with dignity and cautious respect.

I watched with “Cringe” and gut wrenching shameful disappointment, “The Chief Monkey man” and his “tribe of baboons” prostrating themselves before the US Secretary of State, asking the West, particularly the United States, to intervene and drive out the Russians, framing them as a threat to democracy. This is begging to be returned back to the plantation to a lifetime of Slavery and servitude.

It is crucial to approach such allegations with a critical mindset, and  call out these incompetent selfish political traitors, for who, and what they are, their greed and lust for money has no limit. too much is never enough..Their thirst for power is paramount to their plans for wealth, because it gives them access to their country’s natural resources which they can exploit with their western handlers, in return for money that will be secured in the Western Banks. Considering the geopolitical landscape and the potential motivations behind the plea. It is not just incompetence and corruption, a more nuanced analysis might explore the reasons behind the leader’s appeal. Factors such as regional conflicts, economic instability, or geopolitical, Blackmail, Asset freezing, are considerations that could have influence such a shameful diplomatic requests.

For all those African leaders who sees the Russians as a threat to democracy in Africa. Let me remind them, that when the Slave traders and the colonisers had their boots on the neck of the black man struggling for liberation, it was the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans and Cuba that came to their assistance..

The Chief Monkey Man video serves as a starting point for a broader conversation on the intricate relationships between African nations and the various institutions that are set up by the West. By examining historical legacies, cultural influences, and geopolitical considerations, a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play can be achieved. It is essential to approach such discussions with a critical eye, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of international relations and their corrupt diplomacy.

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