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The Importance Of A Multipolar World

The Importance Of A Multipolar World

As we look at the current state of world politics, it’s abundantly clear that a multi-polar world is not just an option, but an absolute necessity if we hope to achieve any semblance of peace and prosperity. The reality is that when any one country wields too much power, it inevitably leads to attempts at domination and bullying of the rest of the world. The usa and their Western cohort nations have been particularly guilty of this, cloaking their imperialism under the guise of job creation and humanitarian aid. ( Really !!, Remember the enslavement and the brutal persecution of the Black Africans.)
But let’s be honest: their intentions have always been nefarious. These so-called “beacons of hope” have corrupted, bullied, murdered, looted, and burned their way across the globe, all while pretending to champion human rights. We’ve been blinded by their technological advancements and organizational prowess, but make no mistake: these are demons parading around as human beings.
It’s simply inhumane to exploit or mistreat others based on their skin tone or level of education, yet the arrogance of the European race has given them an unwarranted sense of self-entitlement and divine right to rule over others. And unfortunately, we’ve played right into their hands. Our Black inferiority complex has laid the foundation for white supremacy, as we fail to take advantage of opportunities to educate ourselves and instead obsess over trivial matters like fashion, appearance and material things.
Our women, with their comical hair weaves and windscreen wiper eyelashes, pale in comparison to those of other races. Our commercial establishments are nothing more than shitholes with overpriced goods and terrible customer service. It’s embarrassing to compare our living conditions to those of Asia, where even the simplest homes are beautifully laid out with neatly tended gardens.
And let’s not forget about Africa, the continent with the world’s greatest resources but ruled by corrupt baboons who care only about personal wealth. These monkeys have no regard for education or the well-being of their people, instead choosing to keep them illiterate and ignorant so as not to threaten their own grip on power.
It’s time to wake up and take a stand against these tyrants. We must desire Modern Hospitals staffed by competent professional medical staff, better roads and transport infrastructure. An integrated sewer system, purposeful Schools with a world class curriculum and rid the countries of those rusty galvanise shacks that we call houses. We must demand our rights and hold our politicians accountable for their actions. Equally important, we must work to break free from the shackles of inferiority and dependancy, and strive for excellence in all aspects of our lives. The future of humanity and the Black race depends on it.

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