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“I am not Black, I am Brown”

I get a lot of these images from associates, and I have lots of sympathy for the subjects in these images.. This is what contact and prolong exposure to living in North America, and the Western European countries can do, ( reinforced with social media for people in Africa and Caribbean) All as a result of good old Racism,  but to a lesser extent in our own Country “Colourism”. Sometimes Racism is not in your face, but you can certainly feel the effects, and it conditions the body, and burdens the mind. Eventually this self hate, poisons the soul, and transforms itself, into a mental illness) The infected becomes so traumatised, they become, “self loathing”. thereby striving to assimilate their tormentors. The medical term for this is …Stockholm Syndrome
What ever your status or profession, no one escapes this virus, because it occupies all our thoughts every single day and night. for every job we apply for, the contacts that we have with law enforcement, schools, doctors, shopping etc, every step that we make as Black people, we become sensitive and conscious of who we are, and where we are, in the construct of the World Social order.         
 For the last 30 years there has been a noticable change in the typical Black American family that we saw on the  TV screens unlike the Bill Cosby  (Huxtable Family). There has been a distinct lightening of the skin tone that depicted a typical Black family..Not only did the skin got lighter, but the female actresses hair became more like their European counterpart. the painted on eyebrows and windscreen wiper Eye lashes were becoming very evident. This was the subtle conditioning of the Black mind, now we have a generation of Black people the world over who dislike what the god of nature have given them, and are trying the utmost to look like white women.  This is an outright Mental sickness, in plain sight for all to see. And what a site ! .
I live near a very prestigious private  school, and i am ashamed to see the behaviour and dress code of the black children that attends that school. I have to shamefully admit that they are dragging down the standards of that school..I personally know a couple of the parent who send their children to that school, I can attest that they are not the most honourable of families, but they have used their social skills to acquire the funds to afford the fees for their children. They attend parent’s evening looking like a homeless vagrant, unshaved, with long matted dreadlocks down to their waist, and their children looking no better. There should be a very strict uniform dress code, and those not complying should be expelled.
The saddest spectacle is seeing so many mothers with their very young children all wearing weaves and hair extensions. Even men are now becoming part of this disgusting practise. The damage is done, and it will take the same amount of time to try to reverse this illness, before it consumes the Black race.

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