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Africom, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Africom, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 
This is an article by Kamati kaTate
 It is so disappointing to see that despite the imperialistic actions of North America and their cohorts in the West, African Mis-leaders fail to grasp the treatchery of these colonising countries. It is unlikely that these foreign countries will have any good intensions for AFRICA and black people. Their military bases are not there for your security and protection, rather they are there to provide protection for their multi-nationals that are allowed to steal and exploit Africa’s resources, with the complicity of the corrupt ruling Baboons.

You might not know or heard about AFRICOM. If you saw the name once, you might have dismissed it thinking AFRICOM is a new company to sell cement like Afrisam. Some might conclude that since it has a ‘com’ at the end, maybe it is something online. 

These are wrong conclusions. At the end of this column, you will know what AFRICOM is, its activities and why it is a security threat. 

AFRICOM, standing for Africa Command, was established by blood covered former US President George W. Bush and his then Secretary of Defence Robert Gates. Note  that Robert Gates, had continued with his duties under Obama who misled many of you, except me. The idiots believed AFRICOM’s raison d’être terrorism in Africa. I would not expect you to know AFRICOM’s mission statement since many of you don’t read. 

Allow yourself an Education as I make it known that the AFRICOM mission statement is “United States Africa Command, in concert with other U.S. government agencies and international partners, conducts sustained security engagements through military-to-military programs, military-sponsored activities, and other military operations as directed to promote a stable and secure African environment in support of U.S. foreign policy.” Meaning AFRICOM is a fundamental tool of US Foreign Policy. 

We will return to it later. It’s ok that you didn’t know, even your leaders, many without education, didn’t know. AFRICOM is headquartered at Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart in Germany and was led by General William Ward. 

Why and how is AFRICOM a security threat to Africa? Firstly, its mission suggests so. In a 2009 journal article on Contemporary Security Policy, Laurie Nathan exposes four key fundamental principalities as regards to AFRICOM. The author correctly argues that AFRICOM, in undermining state sovereignty, will “alter the regional balance of power, and be divisive and destabilizing…It would undermine the unity and collective decision-making.” AFRICOM was to be located in Africa, General Ward probably had plans to locate it in countries such as Botswana and Namibia with pro-western leadership. 

Locating AFRICOM in Africa is a military opportunity for America to overthrow African governments and to attack countries seen as anti-American. Since African and American interest never gels, it would mean that AFRICOM would pursue American interest, on an African soil, at the expense of African interest. Those with sharp medulla oblongata know that AFRICOM is undermining the African Union (AU) and its Peace and Security Council which deals with Peace and Security on the continent. We might as well sell the AU to Americans. 

I had mentioned American foreign policy. In this domain, Nathan (2009) sees American foreign policy in light of its “unsympathetic attitude to the liberation movements, its unwavering support for Israel despite the illegal occupation of Palestine, its exceptionalism in relation to the International Criminal Court, and its long history of unilateralism, aggression, and disdain for international law …pursues its own interests at the expense of others, and is willing to deploy force offensively to advance those interests.” So if AFRICOM is to achieve its mission statement we discussed earlier, Africa must support and embrace the above as discussed by Nathan. 

As your teacher, I need to share recent information made available to us by Wikileaks. 

The communication cable dated on Monday, 11 January 2010, at 17h30 UTC, indicated a meeting of AFRICOM Commander’s discussion with French officials on Aqim and other African Security Threats. The meeting, held in Paris, was attended by the then  President Sarkozy’s Diplomatic Advisor Jean-David Levitte, Sarkozy’s Military Advisor, Admiral Edouard Guillaud, and others briefed U.S. AFRICOM Commander General William E. Ward. Wikileaks has also revealed  how AFRICOM planned the assassination of legendary late RG Mugabe and the fall of his government through the so-called Operation Shumba (damn bastard, may God bless Zimbabwe). 

AFRICOM Commander General Ward visited Namibia in April 2010. 

Reading his report was so disgusting in many ways. He referred to the country as “Southwest Africa.” Cleary Americans still use lenses of Cold War geopolitics. 

General Ward met with Health Minister Dr. Kamwi, they apparently discussed how AFRICOM “could help the Namibian military and U.S. country team efforts to assist in health related issues.” At a meeting with the Ministry of Safety and Security, they discussed supporting the then “upcoming Namibian police visit to Ramstein Air Base in Southwestern Germany.” 

The American was dignified with a fifteen minute appearance on Good Morning Namibia, with Kazembire Zemburuka, in order to brainwash, hypnotize and shower them with American propaganda. General Ward met the then  Education Minister Abraham Iyambo to discuss the school AFRICOM will build in northern Namibia. Lastly and shockingly, he met with the then Defence Deputy Minister Lempy Lucas. He said “it was very gratifying to hear Ms. Lucas praise our bilateral relationship and her wish to see Africa Command play a greater role in military-to-military relations in the future.”(what?). A close friend said General Ward met significant others not mentioned. 

These cosmetic initiatives are not genuine, they devil’s initiative are never genuine. These were attempts to win the hearts and the minds of the Namibian people. 

What is in for them anyway? Also monitor and analyze the work of MCA very closely. 
There is no good devil, the good devil is the dead one. 

‘Shaamonathana omuti nomuti’ – We shall meet again

• Kamati kaTate is a Community Mobilizer whose area of interest is observing Politics as both an art of the possible and as a medium of distribution of resources as to who gets what, when, where and how. 

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